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Key Information about the photographic competition

The deadline for submitting photographs has been extended to Tuesday, January  31st, 2023. The jury deliberates on February 1, 2023, and the results will be announced on Thursday, Feb 2, 2022 on this website.

Winning photographers will receive the Prize of getting published on Pan-Indian magazines and have a month long  photo exhibition along with their credits, in Pondicherry at the Promenade hotel. A Certificate of appreciation will be handed over during the Award Ceremony and Photo Exhibition inauguration, that is to be held on Saturday,  Feb 11, 2023 at the Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry.

Prizes and Awards:

The winning photographs get published on:

1. DownToEarth magazine’s website (CSE)

2. Global Times Children’s magazine (CSE)

3. Uyir (Tamil Magazine on Nature)


Month long exhibition in Pondicherry!


First prize winners get a 1 year subscription to DownToEarth magazine.

How to participate with just a few clicks?


Here is the rapid photo submission process in four steps:

  1. Please read the rules of the competition;
  2. Select maximum two photos to submit in the following categories: landscapes and nature, landscapes and humans, fauna, small fauna, flora.
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